Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Catching up on her Filipino words

Preschool is the time for the children to make transition from home to classroom. Early childhood education is very important for every child because at this moment of time they learn how to deal with other children and learning the basics of reading and math which they can use these important skills for kindergarten and beyond. Nowadays, Filipino parents are starting to raise their child as bilingual kids wherein a parent finds it essential for their child’s future career competitiveness.

I had my 5 years old daughter and recently she is a preschool student to be specific a kindergarten. At her school they already teach reading, math and science and to add a Filipino subject. Schools here in the Philippines have compulsory Filipino subjects and the fact is the kids have to learn both languages to do well in school. Sometimes my daughter struggles for its Filipino subject for which she is not familiar and has a difficulty of identifying objects in Filipino words. The question is “how can we teach our children familiarize Filipino words?”

Based on what I read from a website, about this kind of dilemmas. These are the given simple ideas on how children learn more Filipino words:
1. Daily conversation practice. Enabling your kids to learn and begin talking in your native tongue, begin by speaking the language at home, during family discussions.

2. Let them watch Filipino movies. At this kind of process they are watching they are being entertain, they are having and learn as well.
3. Play Filipino music at home. When listening to Filipino songs sing along with them and explain what the words and the song means.
4. Let them play with Filipino speaking playmates. Mingle them with kind of playmates and you'll see how much they adapt Filipino words.
5. Purchase a Filipino story books and read to them. Like the usual storytelling time in English make a difference by storytelling in Fillipino.

6. (Last resort). Filipino Tutor. If it does not work the items above then you’ll probably need a tutor for who would teach him/her a methods of teaching Filipino.
Having me read such a great ideas on how I can aid my daughter on her Filipino speaking, These ideas will teach me and other parents who are also in kind of dilemmas about their children. Hope that my sharing about this topic could help you out and moms out there!

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