Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Pancake is my Foodie Buddy!

Have you ever recall what’s you’re all time favorite food since childhood?? Obviously one of it is PANCAKES!

Whenever I cook pancakes I usually used Magnolia Pancake Plus because it is affordable plus it has free maple syrup in it!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Protecting your family from killer dengue!

Its rainy season here in the Philippines and obviously it is wet all over again and so the dengue virus carrier strikes again. This dengue mosquito scientifically named Aedes Aegypti again evolved alongside humans. The mosquito has learned to cohabitate with humans, thriving in man made creations that contain stagnant water such as discarded tires, septic tanks, and neglected flower pots. Once hatched, the mosquitoes take up residence in and around human dwellings, especially in closets and under beds.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Trying out the SCRAMSTIBLE! (Ice Scramble)

Trending right now is a food cart business. You see them everywhere inside and outside the malls and on the sides of the streets. One of this is the ice scramble. Whenever I see this cold-concoction, it simple table to top to a high end carts inside the malls. So, who would say that a simple street food could be now a part of a multi-million food industry cart business?

So my sister-in-law finally decided to franchise and invest in one of these cart businesses and chose the Ice scramble thing!

Ice Scramble topped with colorful toppings! Isn't it yummy to look at and taste of course..Perfect ice cold concoction for the hot weather.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Exchanging Deals

Examination week for my daughter is near and we had to work very hard reviewing. Kids As early as they enter school; parents need them to teach giving their extra effort in studying their lessons. For a preschool mom I realize teaching by this level is very hard it is somewhat giving more extra effort in teaching your kiddos, because as to their age they refuse to study and rather play! At one point I had such a struggling moment teaching her resulting to arguing and nagging. But I realize that we need to them time to play and time to study.

Catching up on her Filipino words

Preschool is the time for the children to make transition from home to classroom. Early childhood education is very important for every child because at this moment of time they learn how to deal with other children and learning the basics of reading and math which they can use these important skills for kindergarten and beyond. Nowadays, Filipino parents are starting to raise their child as bilingual kids wherein a parent finds it essential for their child’s future career competitiveness.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

A mom and a wife..such a big deal!

I am a mom of two beautiful girls named Keziah Kiel and Kandice Khloe and also a wife to my ever loving hubby Jake..I am a working mom before so I had a little time for my kids before, so I decided to resigned to give them 100 % TLC (tender loving care).
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