Friday, August 26, 2011

Protecting your family from killer dengue!

Its rainy season here in the Philippines and obviously it is wet all over again and so the dengue virus carrier strikes again. This dengue mosquito scientifically named Aedes Aegypti again evolved alongside humans. The mosquito has learned to cohabitate with humans, thriving in man made creations that contain stagnant water such as discarded tires, septic tanks, and neglected flower pots. Once hatched, the mosquitoes take up residence in and around human dwellings, especially in closets and under beds.

Whats dengue anyway?
Dengue is acquired once bitten by of a female Aedes aegypti mosquito and develops Dengue hemorrhagic fever, with very low platelet counts and risk of internal bleeding. Patients with this complication need to be transfused with a large number of platelets.

Dengue Death rate here in the Philippines is increasing so as a parent I am scared that my family will be bitten of these dengue mosquito, so for every family awareness and protection is very important.
Mosquito repellent, wearing long-sleeved shirts and pants, and staying in air conditioned or screen-in housing can all reduce the risk of getting dengue.

I believe in the saying "PROTECTION IS BETTER THAN CURE" so for me it is best to start by Personal Protection and cleanliness by oneself and the community.
The elimination of dengue is the responsibility of each and every citizen. It’s best to eliminate the breeding sites to get rid of the mosquitoes. No mosquitoes, no virus. No virus, no Dengue. Pure and simple.

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