Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween Trick or Treat..What is the Essence?

There is something about Halloween which really catches the imaginations of children, perhaps the candy and sweets! While the Filipinos do not celebrate Halloween the way Westerners do, we do have our own traditions which most Westerners see as odd but rather fascinating.

The very popular trick-or- treat tradition isn’t done in the country, but villages with expatriates held on the tradition and influenced Filipino neighbors to celebrate with them during Halloween. It is indeed that Filipino parents are already influenced by the tradition of the Western because others practice the celebration of trick-or-treat for their children for the reason of both experience and the excitement for their kids.

A Pizzalicious Sleepover and a Chef-ly Baking Experience (Baking Cupcakes)

Last weekend, my daughter and her cousins set a sleepover! OMG, how time flies my little "K" is growing so fast, I can't imagine at her age 5 she and her cousins setting a sleepover! But anyways, I must understand that children are different nowadays, they seem to be old enough for themselves developing to be independent I guess. As long as I know she'd be safe and she's with the person I know no worries!

Btw, they had this they called it "PIZZA-LICIOUS SLEEPOVER THING"!

They had these two boxes of pizza for their sleepover!
Rambling with that pizza!

Friday, October 21, 2011

The Little Chefs (Nutrition Month Event)

Sorry for this late post. But indeed, its better to be late than never right?! haha..=)

July is the month celebration for "National Nutrition Month" and every schools celebrated it. Its a good thing  that as early as pre-schoolers are introduced to this kind of  health awareness. The theme for the 2011 Nutrition Month is "Isulong ang BREASTFEEDING – Tama, Sapat, at EKsklusibo". So every schools organized activities in accordance with National Nutrition Month.
My daughter playing a little chef (with their toque hat) and her kitchen tool "Wooden Spatula"

Monday, October 17, 2011

Barbie Party Theme

From the invitation handed to me, here are post pictures of the birthday party we attended...
It was a Fashionable Barbie Theme! Very posh and girly right?!

Her birthday cake barbie inspired also from Red Ribbon.
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