Saturday, October 29, 2011

A Pizzalicious Sleepover and a Chef-ly Baking Experience (Baking Cupcakes)

Last weekend, my daughter and her cousins set a sleepover! OMG, how time flies my little "K" is growing so fast, I can't imagine at her age 5 she and her cousins setting a sleepover! But anyways, I must understand that children are different nowadays, they seem to be old enough for themselves developing to be independent I guess. As long as I know she'd be safe and she's with the person I know no worries!

Btw, they had this they called it "PIZZA-LICIOUS SLEEPOVER THING"!

They had these two boxes of pizza for their sleepover!
Rambling with that pizza!

Besides the sleepover thing, they had this fun activity the next morning BAKING CUPCAKES! My daughter really had fun baking cupcakes here are there pixies doing their baking thing!

Taking their pic while mixing up the ingredients to their cuppy cake!
Still busy prepping things up!
Ready to be set in the oven!
After a minutes of waiting, here's the result!
These cupcake is ready for munchin!
More cupcakes!
Burp! Its almost finish, it really taste yummy, Can't resist for another one!
My nieces still serving for more and more cupcakes!
And so, their is only four left, its almost sold out!
Two thumbs up for that bake activity thing, and the cupcake of course! That fluffy,creamy,soft and really delicious cupcakes made by my daughter and her cousins! It was a delicious pizza night and a chefly baking experience! Surely they'll be having another sleepover soon!

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