Friday, October 21, 2011

The Little Chefs (Nutrition Month Event)

Sorry for this late post. But indeed, its better to be late than never right?! haha..=)

July is the month celebration for "National Nutrition Month" and every schools celebrated it. Its a good thing  that as early as pre-schoolers are introduced to this kind of  health awareness. The theme for the 2011 Nutrition Month is "Isulong ang BREASTFEEDING – Tama, Sapat, at EKsklusibo". So every schools organized activities in accordance with National Nutrition Month.
My daughter playing a little chef (with their toque hat) and her kitchen tool "Wooden Spatula"

At my daughter's school they played a little chef! All the preschoolers (each levels) had their own kitchen tools that were paraded inside the school campus.

After the parade, they got back into their corresponding classroom to do their next activity the "The Cake Decorating Activity". Their teachers handed them a cake (each pupil) for them to decorate.
Her cake. She's starting putting the icing (pink)!
The teachers assisted them in designing their very own cake giving them icing and cake accessories (flower candies and different kinds of sprinkles!
Seriously designing her own cake!

Sprinkling some colorful stuffs! Its almost done!
The children really enjoyed the activity, they had so much fun decorating their cake. It was a very colorful one and it looks so yummy!
Almost finish!

The finish product! Look the design was with beautiful flowers and a butterfly who landed!
For me as a parent, I would give two thumbs up for these kind of activity especially for kids because they learn the importance of healthy foods and they develop their creativity as well!

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