Friday, September 30, 2011

Surprisingly Invitation-al!

For kids, birthday party is an essential event for them (it means happiness and enjoyment for them). To inform for the occasion we need an invitation to send off to our targeted visitors.
Upon handling the invitation given by my sister in law for her baby girl’s 1st birthday celebration, I was surprisingly amazed on the idea on how they designed the invitation it is so cute and very stylish. The theme of the party would be “Barbie” and so this design of the invitation really compliments its theme. The invitation was designed like a handbag and that suits for a very posh and fashionable girl like Barbie.
This is the invitation I received isn't it is so posh and girly!

Handbag design "The Barbie Theme Style"
Wait till you open it..with the picture sticker of the celebrant
Surprise! A flip-flop picture of the celebrant standing right before your eyes! So unique right?!

Inspired by this invitation, I am planning that on the next birthday party of my daughter I wanted to do their invitation customized by me of course, but I am thinking what do I need in considering in making a good invitation. Does it require some manners in doing it?
You might just like to consider this “Little Invitation Ettiquette”:
  • Birthday invitations should go out at least two weeks prior to the party. Make sure you allow yourself enough time to make or order them and still meet this timeframe.
  • Note any special instructions on the invitation (ex: bring a towel, bring your pillow, and come dressed like a cowboy or cowgirl, it's a surprise...don't tell, no gifts please, etc.).
  • Give an RSVP date so you can get a firm headcount for planning food, activities, prizes and/or goody bags. Make sure you give a phone number or e-mail address and a contact name.
  • For children's parties, if you'd like the parents to stay with their child for the party be sure to note that on the invitation.
  • Last but not least, stick with the theme! It really does make a difference!
From above Now you’re ready to make one of your customized invitations. It’s the matter of designing a unique and stylish out of ordinary that would make a really good impression above all! 

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Pneumonia on Children

Last week, it was a quite stressful days for me because my two year old daughter started coughing on a Sunday and continued to develop into fever for about 4 days already.

Being a mother of two, I consider myself as a pro and did give her the normal meds for cough but still the fever temperature just won’t go down. Seeing my daughter super weak battling her continuous cough and fever it gives me a feeling of sadness, if I just can take all the pain my daughter is feeling I would take it just to ease her.

So I decided to rush her for a checkup to her pediatrician and as she put her stethoscope on the chest of my daughter, she said “She has Pneumonia”! Hearing a crackling sound upon her chest means that the infection has apparently accumulate in her lungs as I heard that thing, my heart beats so fast as learning that she has acquired pneumonia it’s very scary thing to hear.

Pneumonia is an inflammation or infection of the lungs most commonly caused by a bacteria or virus. Pneumonia can also be caused by inhaling vomit or other foreign substances.
In all cases, the lungs' air sacs fill with pus, mucous, and other liquids and cannot function properly. This means oxygen cannot reach the blood and the cells of the body.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Shared Family Meals Matters

It is important for a family to have shared meals together as it strengthen the strong relationship of its family.
Through Presidential Proclamation 1895, every 4th Monday of September  has been officially declared as National Famealy Day (Araw ng Pagkilala na ang Kainanga ay Pamilya ay Mahalaga)!

On this day, family members are encouraged to go home early and have dinner with their family. Through this event, parents are reminded to frequently spend more mealtimes with their children so they can be more involved in their lives.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Just as this morning, as a home mom, usually I am busy doing my daily routine cleaning the house and doing some errands. So I set my daughter in our room to watch some DVD s so she will not drool around the house while I am cleaning. 

Just I started, my 2 year old daughter,  Khloe goes down the stairs and asking me to remove her clothes and told “mommy I like to change clothes, I like to wear swimsuit”, and I said “no” and suddenly runs upstairs to change herself into her what she called swimsuit. I thought that she will get her swimsuit into her closet but as she goes down the stairs I heard a plastic crumpling and so I thought that she is just looking her swimsuit placed inside a plastic bag. To my amazement she is wearing a swimsuit made of plastic bag proudly made by her! She said “Mommy look I made my swimsuit”.  The moment I saw her wearing that thing, it made me laugh and laugh all the way through that just given a total pain on my tummy! =)

Moments and simple gestures of my kids just like this, makes me totally happy and l truly love being a MOM!

Monday, September 5, 2011

When is my child going to read?

Now that my children is in kindergarten and the other is a year into going to school, as a mom I have these worries when and how will my children can read.  
Worries fall for many parents when is my child going to read?
Other parents might think reading techniques on how their children read at a soonest time possible. They buy many stuff like expensive learning toys, an instructional DVD programs, flash card or as of today the much techy gadgets like an Ipad (where there are lots of applications in stored for activities for a kid), all of these things for them just to learn to read.

recommended readings for our children
 As to my babies, as early as they were born I read them stories even though they don’t I understand me but I still enjoyed reading to them imagining that in the future they would remember and understand these stories I read to them when they were little.
Spending time reading stories with my kids is like a bonding time for us!
These times as they grow up and start their schooling I love spending this kind of quality time of reading to them a stories, as much as I was a kid like them I was also excited for a new story. I set them a time for storytelling as much two (2) times a week. Although they could not understand every word to what I was reading, however the sound of rhyming words, I know deep inside of me, the voice of a parent and the rhythm and repetitive nature of some children’s books give them pleasure. From this kind of method, they build a confidence and a self esteem which is very important building blocks for the development of a child.

Children really enjoys reading, they have these wide array of imagination. It teaches them to look forward and imagine things that will help them to their future settings. They love asking questions and I am challenged by answering their questions. Just really be patient for learning is not a process needed to be hurried.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

What works for me and my Kiddos Skin!

Beautiful skin is very important to me it gives you the impression that you really take care of yourself that is why I am very fussy of what soap my family is going to use. After trying out so many soaps for me and my babies none of them just worked out. It just leaves our skin dried and flaky that’s why I have been looking for baby soap in the market which will moisturize and take care of my family’s skin.
Just hooked to it by now!
After trying and using this Nivea Baby Tenderly Caring Cream Soap (with natural olive oil and caring calendula) I think, I am hooked to it forever. It is the perfect body soap for me and my babies, its high quality moisturizers prevent our skin from drying out and leave the clean feeling. The formulas included in this soap are:
Natural Olive Oil - it is known of its good qualities for our skin like helping our skin to its elasticity and promoting smooth and radiant complexion.
Caledula - it help heal scar tissue and condition the skin.

Plus it is proven by Skin Expertise :
·         Free of preservatives and parabens
·         Free of alcohol
·         Skin-friendly pH value
·         Developed in cooperation with dermatologists and paediatricians
·         Skin compatibility clinically and dermatologically approved
·         Hypoallergenic, reduces the risk of allergies

I am truly amazed how Nivea Baby Tenderly Caring Cream Soap works for my skin and my family. After a shower / taking a bath it’s a feeling that my skin is pampered thru its rich, creamy and lathery texture on your skin, giving you moisturized all they long! Good news for all the practical moms out there because it very affordable too it cost only P34.55 per 100g bar while giving you enough moisture you want for your skin, not only good for babies but also for adults!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Enjoying your long weekend or not?

Many people are so joyful for the reason that Malacanang declared our Philippine holiday in celebration of the National Heroes Day (August 29) and Eidl Fitr – Ramadan Celebration by our Muslim brothers and sisters (August 30). They have been much happier because these dates fall under the weekdays (to be specific Monday and Tuesday! That means more days for resting and bond time with the family.

But amidst the good idea of a long weekend, bad news for others because PAGASA (Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration) cited that there will be a typhoon coming on a weekend. Maybe at this time many canceled plans for a long trip or activities and rather stayed home. Until now heavy rains is still on landfall creating floods for some low lying areas.

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