Monday, September 5, 2011

When is my child going to read?

Now that my children is in kindergarten and the other is a year into going to school, as a mom I have these worries when and how will my children can read.  
Worries fall for many parents when is my child going to read?
Other parents might think reading techniques on how their children read at a soonest time possible. They buy many stuff like expensive learning toys, an instructional DVD programs, flash card or as of today the much techy gadgets like an Ipad (where there are lots of applications in stored for activities for a kid), all of these things for them just to learn to read.

recommended readings for our children
 As to my babies, as early as they were born I read them stories even though they don’t I understand me but I still enjoyed reading to them imagining that in the future they would remember and understand these stories I read to them when they were little.
Spending time reading stories with my kids is like a bonding time for us!
These times as they grow up and start their schooling I love spending this kind of quality time of reading to them a stories, as much as I was a kid like them I was also excited for a new story. I set them a time for storytelling as much two (2) times a week. Although they could not understand every word to what I was reading, however the sound of rhyming words, I know deep inside of me, the voice of a parent and the rhythm and repetitive nature of some children’s books give them pleasure. From this kind of method, they build a confidence and a self esteem which is very important building blocks for the development of a child.

Children really enjoys reading, they have these wide array of imagination. It teaches them to look forward and imagine things that will help them to their future settings. They love asking questions and I am challenged by answering their questions. Just really be patient for learning is not a process needed to be hurried.

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