Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Just as this morning, as a home mom, usually I am busy doing my daily routine cleaning the house and doing some errands. So I set my daughter in our room to watch some DVD s so she will not drool around the house while I am cleaning. 

Just I started, my 2 year old daughter,  Khloe goes down the stairs and asking me to remove her clothes and told “mommy I like to change clothes, I like to wear swimsuit”, and I said “no” and suddenly runs upstairs to change herself into her what she called swimsuit. I thought that she will get her swimsuit into her closet but as she goes down the stairs I heard a plastic crumpling and so I thought that she is just looking her swimsuit placed inside a plastic bag. To my amazement she is wearing a swimsuit made of plastic bag proudly made by her! She said “Mommy look I made my swimsuit”.  The moment I saw her wearing that thing, it made me laugh and laugh all the way through that just given a total pain on my tummy! =)

Moments and simple gestures of my kids just like this, makes me totally happy and l truly love being a MOM!

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