Monday, September 26, 2011

Shared Family Meals Matters

It is important for a family to have shared meals together as it strengthen the strong relationship of its family.
Through Presidential Proclamation 1895, every 4th Monday of September  has been officially declared as National Famealy Day (Araw ng Pagkilala na ang Kainanga ay Pamilya ay Mahalaga)!

On this day, family members are encouraged to go home early and have dinner with their family. Through this event, parents are reminded to frequently spend more mealtimes with their children so they can be more involved in their lives.

What are the benefits of Shared Family Meals
  • It fosters family closer family ties and imparted a host of positive values to children.
  •  The family can talk real conversation.
  •  A child with parental bond equals less destructive behavior.
  •  Parents are able to ensure overall nutrition and a more varied diet.
  •   Children learn table manner and proper social skills through the example of their parents.
  •    By involving them to the kitchen, they learn to be more responsible and self-sufficient.
  •    More savings for the family. Eating out costs up to 4x more compared to preparing meals at home. 
Make everyday a Famealy Day!
Bringing The Family back to the dinner table can be loads of fun! It can be a way of collecting happy memories that you and your children can look back to in the years to come. So let us turn the family meal into habit!

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