Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Pneumonia on Children

Last week, it was a quite stressful days for me because my two year old daughter started coughing on a Sunday and continued to develop into fever for about 4 days already.

Being a mother of two, I consider myself as a pro and did give her the normal meds for cough but still the fever temperature just won’t go down. Seeing my daughter super weak battling her continuous cough and fever it gives me a feeling of sadness, if I just can take all the pain my daughter is feeling I would take it just to ease her.

So I decided to rush her for a checkup to her pediatrician and as she put her stethoscope on the chest of my daughter, she said “She has Pneumonia”! Hearing a crackling sound upon her chest means that the infection has apparently accumulate in her lungs as I heard that thing, my heart beats so fast as learning that she has acquired pneumonia it’s very scary thing to hear.

Pneumonia is an inflammation or infection of the lungs most commonly caused by a bacteria or virus. Pneumonia can also be caused by inhaling vomit or other foreign substances.
In all cases, the lungs' air sacs fill with pus, mucous, and other liquids and cannot function properly. This means oxygen cannot reach the blood and the cells of the body.
Luckily, for the case of my daughter my pediatrician says no need for an x-ray or worse, confinement at the hospital and prescribed very strong antibiotics and Asmalin Broncho for the relief of cough and for bronchitis infection. Her pediatrician also told to continue her vaccines and immunization primarily the pneumococcal as it can help them strengthen their immune system and protect them from the changing weather conditions.

As to now, after taking her prescribed medications my baby Khloe is almost back and well. She just need more rest to take back and eat nutritious food to gain back her strength.

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