Friday, September 30, 2011

Surprisingly Invitation-al!

For kids, birthday party is an essential event for them (it means happiness and enjoyment for them). To inform for the occasion we need an invitation to send off to our targeted visitors.
Upon handling the invitation given by my sister in law for her baby girl’s 1st birthday celebration, I was surprisingly amazed on the idea on how they designed the invitation it is so cute and very stylish. The theme of the party would be “Barbie” and so this design of the invitation really compliments its theme. The invitation was designed like a handbag and that suits for a very posh and fashionable girl like Barbie.
This is the invitation I received isn't it is so posh and girly!

Handbag design "The Barbie Theme Style"
Wait till you open it..with the picture sticker of the celebrant
Surprise! A flip-flop picture of the celebrant standing right before your eyes! So unique right?!

Inspired by this invitation, I am planning that on the next birthday party of my daughter I wanted to do their invitation customized by me of course, but I am thinking what do I need in considering in making a good invitation. Does it require some manners in doing it?
You might just like to consider this “Little Invitation Ettiquette”:
  • Birthday invitations should go out at least two weeks prior to the party. Make sure you allow yourself enough time to make or order them and still meet this timeframe.
  • Note any special instructions on the invitation (ex: bring a towel, bring your pillow, and come dressed like a cowboy or cowgirl, it's a surprise...don't tell, no gifts please, etc.).
  • Give an RSVP date so you can get a firm headcount for planning food, activities, prizes and/or goody bags. Make sure you give a phone number or e-mail address and a contact name.
  • For children's parties, if you'd like the parents to stay with their child for the party be sure to note that on the invitation.
  • Last but not least, stick with the theme! It really does make a difference!
From above Now you’re ready to make one of your customized invitations. It’s the matter of designing a unique and stylish out of ordinary that would make a really good impression above all! 

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