Saturday, September 3, 2011

What works for me and my Kiddos Skin!

Beautiful skin is very important to me it gives you the impression that you really take care of yourself that is why I am very fussy of what soap my family is going to use. After trying out so many soaps for me and my babies none of them just worked out. It just leaves our skin dried and flaky that’s why I have been looking for baby soap in the market which will moisturize and take care of my family’s skin.
Just hooked to it by now!
After trying and using this Nivea Baby Tenderly Caring Cream Soap (with natural olive oil and caring calendula) I think, I am hooked to it forever. It is the perfect body soap for me and my babies, its high quality moisturizers prevent our skin from drying out and leave the clean feeling. The formulas included in this soap are:
Natural Olive Oil - it is known of its good qualities for our skin like helping our skin to its elasticity and promoting smooth and radiant complexion.
Caledula - it help heal scar tissue and condition the skin.

Plus it is proven by Skin Expertise :
·         Free of preservatives and parabens
·         Free of alcohol
·         Skin-friendly pH value
·         Developed in cooperation with dermatologists and paediatricians
·         Skin compatibility clinically and dermatologically approved
·         Hypoallergenic, reduces the risk of allergies

I am truly amazed how Nivea Baby Tenderly Caring Cream Soap works for my skin and my family. After a shower / taking a bath it’s a feeling that my skin is pampered thru its rich, creamy and lathery texture on your skin, giving you moisturized all they long! Good news for all the practical moms out there because it very affordable too it cost only P34.55 per 100g bar while giving you enough moisture you want for your skin, not only good for babies but also for adults!

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