Friday, September 2, 2011

Enjoying your long weekend or not?

Many people are so joyful for the reason that Malacanang declared our Philippine holiday in celebration of the National Heroes Day (August 29) and Eidl Fitr – Ramadan Celebration by our Muslim brothers and sisters (August 30). They have been much happier because these dates fall under the weekdays (to be specific Monday and Tuesday! That means more days for resting and bond time with the family.

But amidst the good idea of a long weekend, bad news for others because PAGASA (Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration) cited that there will be a typhoon coming on a weekend. Maybe at this time many canceled plans for a long trip or activities and rather stayed home. Until now heavy rains is still on landfall creating floods for some low lying areas.

But the question is are you enjoying this long weekend or rather longer weekend (because of suspended classes). For me though, I am enjoying the long stay inside our family’s crib! Because of the weather advisory about a typhoon coming up so before the long weekend I had planned that we would rather have our “movie marathon” as what we called (watching movies) than going to or other places. So I decided to go to the grocery and buy some food stuff for our movie thing.

Grab all of these foodies and stacked it in our pantry.

Btw, for this kind of bad weather like having typhoon it’s good that we our always prepared for any situation. Don’t forget to be always prepared of these things like: flashlight or any source of light, radio for you to know what the latest news about the typhoon, emergency kit (alcohol and betadine and etc.), canned foods and water.

In case of emergency, we will be needing this, it is goo to be prepared all the time!

Stay calm and alert all the time! It’s better to be safe everyone!

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