Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Pancake is my Foodie Buddy!

Have you ever recall what’s you’re all time favorite food since childhood?? Obviously one of it is PANCAKES!

Whenever I cook pancakes I usually used Magnolia Pancake Plus because it is affordable plus it has free maple syrup in it!

Pancakes is the best, I super duper loved it and I thought that my mom makes the best pancake ever! SUPER YUM! Cooked in a perfect fluffiness and not too heavy for its little tummies, imagine its buttery taste in just the right way. They are my food buddies when I was growing up and since forever! When I was a teener, I would do it them myself and realized that’s it is easy as ABC! It’s not that hard as I ever imagine when I was a kid and now that I am adult, I still love an awesome pancake breakfast. But I have my favorite twist on pancakes, on it I put lots of maple syrup, evaporated milk and top with sugar .You should try my twist and you’ll surely love it!

Try my own twist pancake top with butter, sugar and fully loaded milk!

As to my children they love it too! So when I do pancakes they drool around me and help me in preparing and mixing things up. My family loves food; I guess it is our bonding time whenever we eat. We could talk anything under the sun while eating our favorite food.

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