Friday, August 19, 2011

Trying out the SCRAMSTIBLE! (Ice Scramble)

Trending right now is a food cart business. You see them everywhere inside and outside the malls and on the sides of the streets. One of this is the ice scramble. Whenever I see this cold-concoction, it simple table to top to a high end carts inside the malls. So, who would say that a simple street food could be now a part of a multi-million food industry cart business?

So my sister-in-law finally decided to franchise and invest in one of these cart businesses and chose the Ice scramble thing!

Ice Scramble topped with colorful toppings! Isn't it yummy to look at and taste of course..Perfect ice cold concoction for the hot weather.

What makes Ice Scramble popular anyway? The ingredients basically is just a shaved ice mixed with sugar and any artificial fruit flavor topped with powdered milk and chocolate syrup that’s it, and yet everybody is so crazy about it nowadays!

Attractive toppings include marshmallow, sprinkle, crunch, milk and chocolate nips!

The major part of an ice scramble, Th Ice Shave!

And so a part of this does the food taste. Of course she got to choose the tasters too.. her own family and that’s us! It’s the favorite moment of all actually. I love the idea of having something a new food businesses we got to taste it everything!

Its their favorite!
Our dear tatay got one to taste it too..
and their it goes..our taste buds satisfied!

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