Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Exchanging Deals

Examination week for my daughter is near and we had to work very hard reviewing. Kids As early as they enter school; parents need them to teach giving their extra effort in studying their lessons. For a preschool mom I realize teaching by this level is very hard it is somewhat giving more extra effort in teaching your kiddos, because as to their age they refuse to study and rather play! At one point I had such a struggling moment teaching her resulting to arguing and nagging. But I realize that we need to them time to play and time to study.

So I got an idea on how I can motivate her to study and review, do you know the act of bribing? I mean exchanging deals meaning giving her rewards in exchange of good grades. But not exchanging with money, But by simple acts that will make her happy and having fun like treating her to her favorite fast food chain and letting her play at sliding station. I had to try this process and it works for me and finally results of the examination came out and she had good grades so as I promise I will treat her to sliding station with her sibling Khloe.

They had so much fun sliding and meeting new playmates today.

Her sister khloe is also having a good time.

Definitely I will do the same process for the next examination, but of course you need to establish a daily study routine to let your kiddos have some input on when study time occurs and having much a value for education.

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